What to hold?

Hearing so many arguments about war and terrorism these days, from newspapers, TV, emails, etc. that feel so.. confusing
What to hold?

A message from Pope John Paul II “For the Celebration of the World Day of Peace” a few years ago feels so.. universal:

“..individuals are essentially social beings, situated within a pattern of relationships through which they express themselves in ways both good and bad. Consequently, society too is absolutely in need of forgiveness.”

“Forgiveness in fact always involves an apparent short-term loss for a real long-term gain. Violence is the exact opposite; opting as it does for an apparent short‑term gain it involves a real and permanent loss. Forgiveness may seem like weakness, but it demands great spiritual strength and moral courage, both in granting it and in accepting it.”

“No peace without justice, no justice without forgiveness..”

The full message

Newcastle Nxxx

A fantastic art: Newcastle Nude

The pictures in Flickr:

and the news in BBC

After looking at the photos, I believe that the event is really fantastic. I regret that I knew it late (the day after).


heroHero movie, starring: Jet Li – etc, tells about several people who initially intended to assassinate a king of Qin dynasty years ago.

Some messages from the film that I personally can catch:

  1. Sword and calligraphy are the same, as they represent truth and simplicity
  2. Sword and calligraphy are the same, in that we must know their true essence. Sword can be a symbol of a thing that can be used to kill people, so it can be dangerous. Calligraphy (Chinese calligraphy) can relate to culture that is natural and must be respected, so it can be astonishing and beautiful. Thus, dangerous things and beautiful things are the same, in that we must know their true essence.
  3. A hero holds the truth. He can die because of that but his death will bring messages one will never forget
  4. Emotion, anger and hate are conquered by true love
  5. ‘All below Heaven’. Fight and hate between two enemies are trivial, compared to huge effect they can yield. Just abort any revenge because a revenge can give bad effects to the entire world. In that film, Calligraphy has taught him not to revenge. Peace.
  6. Love is above all
  7. A power means a very powerful ability to deliver wisdom including forgiveness
  8. A weak king means a strong king who listens to his advisors more than to his own heart

..deep.. at this moment I can just guess what they mean..