Fedora Core 3 on IBM Netvista (Desktop)

Another tiring day installing Fedora linux. This time in my friend’s desktop:

  • IBM Netvista P4 2.8 Ghz.

I was hoping that it would take less than 1 hour to install, because Fedora Core 3 is suppose to work like charm in a relatively new machine. But.. it has taken more than 3 hours now..

The problems:

  • First, when booting, it hung up at ‘Configuring kernel parameters’, and ctrl-alt-del didn’t work. For several times I tried to reboot, but it kept hanging up. Then I inserted the recovery CD, exited, reboot, and the hang-up disappeared. I don’t know the reason why – just don’t care.
  • Second, the display didn’t work. The only way it worked – with 640×480 resolution – is by setting the depth to 16. It detected the monitor right though: IBM G78 with chip: Intel ….
  • The sound didn’t work.

Now I am taking a rest, googling, and just found out:
http://support.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-010512.htm for Intel 82845G/GL chip. I will try to install it tomorrow to see if it works. Regarding the sound, I will try to download the alsa source and compile it – it seems like the rpm doesn’t work – as Linus T has warned regarding possibly-unreliable-rpm.

One more, the partitioning didn’t work smoothly with disk druid. It didn’t allow me to create an extended partition and put my fedora on it – rather it otoritary told me where the partition would be. What a ‘manual partitioning’.

OK, be fair, the bright side, all other aspects seem to work fine. I still like Fedora Core 3.

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