I won the world tennis tournament!

..can you believe it? Surely naaaa. It’s a just in a game in my k610i sony mobile phone (which was free by subscribing to Singtel).

However, although it is only a game, it was really challenging to me. I mean it. I am a real tennis player too.

The game consists of 6 tournaments, each of which has 5 matches.

To finally become the champion, I went through really tough matches. The toughest matches were those towards the end i.e. with some eastern Europeans, then with Hennin and finally with Lindsay Davenport. Yeaaah.. they are women tournaments.. you may mourn, but what’s the difference between woman and man in a computer game? Just the dresses, right?

I experienced that, we couldn’t win if we were just a base liner relying on power and angle of our swings. I had to play volley behind the net, sometimes half volley. Also I had to learn the opponent’s body language, if I am not exaggerating, to identify where a return ball would fall.

Moreover, I must never never underestimate the opponent. I might believe that I returned a ball magnificently with my magnificent swing, only to find that the opponent returned it more magnificently.

Now, what can be learned? To me, nothing seems to be more valuable than the spirit that pulls me into doing practice practice practice for the game. This was like a real situation in tennis.