Fedora core 6 in my T23

I almost replaced my FC6 in my T23 because the fedora often hanged up. I have tried removing services, changing kernel versions, uninstalling suspicious packages, but none of them were successful.

Yesterday night I visited this forum and after identifying some of the clues there, now my FC6 seems to be running smoothly. It has been running for more than 8 hours now. Then I shared this in that forum.

The most recent Fedora is FC7 now, but it didn’t install well in my T23. So I am using FC6. I feel like FC6 will be the last Fedora in my T23. When later on someday FC6 is out-of-date, probably I will go with Ubuntu.

I let my eyes be wet writing this post, because I have been loyal to Fedora/Redhat since Redhat 5.1 in 1999!