Fedora Core 4 installation notes

FC4, fresh install, on Thinkpad T23

  • Display.. recognised. Generic LCD 1024×768, Millions of color.
  • Sound.. On by default, finally.
  • Wireless card.. Needed to install ndiswrapper. Downloadable from ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net. The installation instruction is here – it’s quick.
  • Printer: Canon i250.. now working, at least for printing postscript and pdf files, using linux rpm driver from Canon NZ. The installation note is in linuxprinting.org


  • Slow internet? Added “alias ipv6 off” and “alias net-pf-10 off” into /etc/modprobe.conf to disable ipv6
  • Freeze suddenly? Tried disabling ACPI and turning off cpuspeed service. Add “acpi=off” as kernel parameter in /boot/grub/grub.conf. Disabled “cpuspeed” service at boot time – seems cpuspeed doesn’t like T23.
  • Ugly fonts? Followed this and this (The bytecode interpreter part gives significant effect) and get better fonts than Windows
  • cdrecord by adding “hdc=ide-scsi” freezes? Read this. Use K3b instead to burn CD, without ide-scsi module.
  • Hang while running eclipse 3.1? Have used eclipse 3.0 with j2sdk (sun) instead without problem.