I’ve just forwarded tanto.me.uk to this webspace. No meaningful contents from me yet – I need to put the contents from my old website into here. Also I stop aggregating feeds as I want feed posts to be in a separate page.

But the gallery has some pictures to enjoy..

Tanto is moving to WordPress

Ok my requirements are:

  1. A web that can be updated easily and read clearly, and the readers can give comments on the contents
  2. Gallery of my pictures that can be enjoyed
  3. A log of my activities in projects that can be accessed by particular users
  4. An aggregation of favourite sites (i.e. rss syndication)
  5. A facility that is simple, interesting and painless-to-upgrade

and finally.. WordPress for my requirements above (after using other cms like PhpWebsite, Drupal, Mambo for quite a while). So far requirement 1,2,3 and 5 have been fulfilled by WordPress. Requirement 4 is under investigation.. pretty sure it can be done…

World Debt Day 16 May 2005,

A friend of mine, Frida, wants me to put this letter.

Dear Mr Blair,

I write on World Debt Day, first to thank you for the support that you and your labour party have given to 100% DEBT RELIEF for the poorest countries. The position recently adopted by Britain drew this response from 1 jubilee leader: “What wonderful news!� However, it will not be at all wonderful if you fail to get agreement in July! You have raised enormous expectations among people all over the world and I ask you to do all within your power to make it come true.

I am most concern that Debt relief should really help destitute countries. Jubilee supporters did not raise a petition of 24 million signatures from 166 countries ( a double world record) just to secure debt relief at the expense of aid! We haven’t campaigned for nearly 9 years just to see money is taken out of 1 pocket and put into another! Such an outcome would be the ultimate betrayal of the world’s destitute and would result in great bitterness and disillusionment here in Britain. I support conditions for debt relief where these contribute to poverty eradication, but the damaging and doctrinaire requirements imposed by the IMF must end.

Finally I ask you to give due public prominence not only to world poverty and its dire consequences, but also to our responsibility in these matters. You have issued stark warnings about the dangers of terrorism; please bear in mind, whereas terrorism kills thousands of innocent people each year, absolutely poverty kills millions and ruins the live of billions.

The enforcement of debt repayments, unfair trade rules and miserly aid policies all combine to help maintain and entrench this evil we are responsible for “ economic terror� on a global scale and you could no greater to the world than by stating this eloquently and frequently.

Yours sincerely

Frida Panjaitan
Newcastle upon Tyne

Fedora Core 3 on IBM Netvista (Desktop)

Another tiring day installing Fedora linux. This time in my friend’s desktop:

  • IBM Netvista P4 2.8 Ghz.

I was hoping that it would take less than 1 hour to install, because Fedora Core 3 is suppose to work like charm in a relatively new machine. But.. it has taken more than 3 hours now..

The problems:

  • First, when booting, it hung up at ‘Configuring kernel parameters’, and ctrl-alt-del didn’t work. For several times I tried to reboot, but it kept hanging up. Then I inserted the recovery CD, exited, reboot, and the hang-up disappeared. I don’t know the reason why – just don’t care.
  • Second, the display didn’t work. The only way it worked – with 640×480 resolution – is by setting the depth to 16. It detected the monitor right though: IBM G78 with chip: Intel ….
  • The sound didn’t work.

Now I am taking a rest, googling, and just found out:
http://support.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-010512.htm for Intel 82845G/GL chip. I will try to install it tomorrow to see if it works. Regarding the sound, I will try to download the alsa source and compile it – it seems like the rpm doesn’t work – as Linus T has warned regarding possibly-unreliable-rpm.

One more, the partitioning didn’t work smoothly with disk druid. It didn’t allow me to create an extended partition and put my fedora on it – rather it otoritary told me where the partition would be. What a ‘manual partitioning’.

OK, be fair, the bright side, all other aspects seem to work fine. I still like Fedora Core 3.